but essentially, this is the gist...yes, the font just got way smaller:

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
- You're putting a photo of yourself (and others) on the Internet. Then, you, yourself are intentionally going to send it to a bunch of friends...who might then find it so hilarious that they send it to a bunch of their friends. Where's the privacy? Bottom line, if you don't want an image of yourself on the Internet, well, then, don't use WhoDatt. At WhoDatt, YOU send the card via online channels, so you're in total control of your card and who gets it...up to the point of a recipient then sending it to someone else. It's exactly like email...once you send it, you put your trust in your recipients.
- Your address and other info that you include on your cards...it's like the face thing, you know? You're putting your info on a card that you're then going to send to your family/friends/colleagues, and they might be inclined to share with others (you might even encourage them to do that), so, again, if you don't want to use a groovy online invitation/announcement/greeting card service where you intentionally put some private information that you intentionally want to share with others...well, darn it, you may not want to use WhoDatt.
- What WhoDatt absolutely, positively, unequivocally will not disclose, sell, or share (unless its the Feds and only under legal pressure - but why would they want your info?) is your email address, your phone numbers, your address, your credit card info (we don't even store it), and your friends or family's email addresses. Essentially, WhoDatt will not disclose any information to a third party. We also do not send any emails to anyone except you, the WhoDatt account holder, and only for occasional WhoDatt updates, or account information that you request (forgotten password, anyone?). You can ALWAYS do the unsubscribe thing at any time.
- WhoDatt reserves the right to cancel this service at any time without notice or refund.

Keep checking back...we'll add to this soon...our lawyers will probably insist (this is not a diss on the legal profession. We love lawyers, we even have friends and family members who are lawyers).